Qi Gong

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Qi Gong

In walking distance of our location /apartment lives Marion, an experienced Qi Gong teacher. If you are interested in an introduction to Qi Gongyou can book private lessons or group sessions with her.
The lessons can be held in German, English or Spanish language.

By learning Qi Gong you make the first steps towards finding harmony between body and mind. The principle of Ying and Yang helps you in bringing you to your inner energy and your chi to flow.
You will experience how much you can change through Qi Gong. You become calmer and more balanced, feel a deep serenity, inner rays can develop and endure more and therefore experience joy and love in all aspects of life. 

Qi Gong is a 2,000 year-old Chinese meditation, concentration and movement with the aim to strengthen and harmonize the vital energy Qi in us. The original name is “daoyin” and means something like “the flow of internal energy (Qi) are derived.” One of the goals of Qi Gong is to prepare the personal meditation practice and to support them. . The principle of Ying and Yang helps you to bring your inner energy, your chi to flow. We participate in the over 900-year-old exercise tradition of Daoist line. Taoism is a religion in China and far older than Buddhism for example.  Daoist Qigong deals with the dual cultivation of body and mind. The cultivation of virtue, compassion, gentleness, simplicity, flexibility, stability and peace of mind are as important as the care and health of the body, as well as the circulation of the internal energy Qi. 

The Daoist Qigong offers us a safe way which is adapted to the energies of the changing times for centuries!
The Qi Gong exercises (18 characters in harmony) provide the

ability to pause, to reflect and draw strength. By loving Qi Gong
energy work, we learn, we get to know yourself better and gradually
build a solid foundation for our future life.