About me

Let me introduce myself and invite you to Tarifa/Betijuelo.
My name is Susi King, I live and work in one of the most beautiful locations in the area of Tarifa in southern Spain.

The pueblo (hamlet)
of Betijuelo is located 15kms north of Tarifa on the south facing slope of San Bartolome, with endless views across to Africa.
I was born and brought up in the area of lake Constance, one of the nicest places in the south of Germany.

I grew up surrounded by countryside, had an amazing childhood and back then I spent most of my spare time with nature and around horses.
In 1985 as a young girl I came to Tarifa for the first time to learn the sport of windsurfing; Tarifa back then was wild!
Tarifa, years later, became my destiny to settle my new family, my animals and home; a new adventure and chapter in my life.
Before moving to Tarifa I was living in Germany, Austria and in England.

During all the years I collected a lot of horse and life experiences.
Apart from my work and study as a childcare specialist, working in different institutions, I became a Hippo therapist (Swiss training HPR/STRG).
I worked in Germany, Austria and Spain with children, young adults and people with special needs and enjoyed giving horse riding lessons
to children.
After I had worked for a few years managing a riding stable in Spain I was left with little Illusions about working with horses professionally.The way I was working at that time with horses was not meeting my ideas of connecting with horses…
It became a job and the horses seemed to become tools.
For sure there are many different outlooks and approaches on how to see and ‘use’ a horse. Renting out a horse to someone who just wants to have ‘a good time’, hardly knowing anything about the nature of this animal, was not mine. Many times I felt sorry for the horses I had to care for, which was not a
good feeling for me.
I accept that people choose different approaches ‘to get something out of what they desire to do’ but my choice is to connect horses and people on a base of partnership.
Speaking for myself…
Horses always acted and act as balancing bars in every good or bad moment of my life and in my life I recognise the horse as a friend and ’therapist’
One of the most essential benefits the location we live has to offer is the fact that my horses have the possibility to roam free in an area of the Parque Natural (National Park) on the mountain top of San Bartolome.
My horses have never seen a horse box/stable from the inside, they wander around grazing, knowing where to find natural shelter in case of bad weather, they meet other horses and are free to join and build social herds. At feeding time the horses come back to their ‘’home’’.
What a horse life!!
“Experience Nature and Horses in stunning surroundings”.
I believe Nature is the biggest healer -…We should never forget that the energy potential of humans is adopted and tuned into Nature as we are part of it.
I believe that in the future people, in order to have a good or/and a better quality of life, will tend to go back to nature more.
I believe not everyone feels that strong urge or necessity to do so, but once access is open and experiences made in an individual approach, the impact can be an eye opener for any person who lives a life not particular conscious and aware what nature has to offer.
It is an adventure for all age groups to realize how much there is to discover just close to us if we are open. You meet ‘’facilitators’’ such as animals, perfect surroundings and people who can point us in the right direction.

My family and I, living in this spectacular, natural environment feel the
urge to share this place and the possibilities of experiences with
people who appreciate nature, as well as with people who are looking
for ‘roots ‘’ to go back to in order find ‘’ground’’
– ENJOY – !